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Smiles all round as the High Street Dental Practice joins SpaDental

Smiles all round as the High Street Dental Practice joins SpaDental

Over the next few months you may notice some welcome developments in your dental practice. We are pleased to announce that the SpaDental Group has acquired Main Dental Partners, the management company previously guiding High Street Dental Practice, Tewkesbury.

The SpaDental management team will now be working alongside the management team from the Main Dental Partnership to offer the highest standards of dental care.

Will the High Street Dental patients be affected?

Patients can feel confident there will be no disruption to their usual dental services. It will be “business as usual”, so to speak.

The same high quality of care and attention you receive when you visit High Street Dental Practice will continue.

All the familiar faces will still be greeting you at reception, and in the surgery.

The practice name will change to SpaDental Tewkesbury, although we know it will take a while to get used to the new name.

Find out about the SpaDental Group

SpaDental logoIn brief, SpaDental:

– has been operating for twelve years.

– recognises the individual character of each practice.

– articulates the need dental practices have for efficient operational support in the motto “Dental practices that are part of something bigger”.

– facilitates the smooth, efficient running of practices in compliance with the strict regulations of the GDC and CQC.

– has practices located in the west of England, from Shropshire to Devon.

– works around the clock behind the scenes to ensure the smooth running of each individual practice.

You can learn more about the SpaDental Group by visiting the website.

What are SpaDental’s values?

First and foremost, we value our patients. Your good health, comfort and well-being matters to us.

We recognise that each patient’s needs and preferences are unique, and we respect them.

As dental practitioners, we understand the importance of continual professional development. Staff keep informed and treatments are current.

We maintain scrupulous standards, treating patients in well-equipped surgeries with up-to-date equipment and technology.

What’s next?

When you come in for your next appointment, we want you to feel comfortable and confident in the hands of our well-qualified professionals.

Dentists and personnel will explain what your treatment involves, and be clear about costs. We will help you to explore your choices and feel confident in the decisions you make for your treatment.

Our focus is on offering you the best dental care.

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